time on grass

rotors: 15-20 minutes  /  pop ups: 10 minutes

rotors: 20 minutes  /  pop ups: 15 minutes

rotors: 25-30 minutes  /  pop ups: 15-20 minutes

rotors: 15-20 minutes​  /  pop ups: 10-15 minutes

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How Often Should I water???

This is probably the most frequently asked question by landscapers. To help, below is a quide to give you a starting point. Each yard is different, so some adjustments might need to be made. For example, some yards have more shade than others and might not need as much water. 






Sprinkler Schedule

Please Note This Schedule Is A Guide Only & Should Be Adjusted If Needed






Landscape Tips

time on garden beds

5-10 minutes

10 minutes

12 minutes

12 minutes

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# of days/week

run manual

every 7-10 days

2 days a week

3-4 days a week

2-3 days a week

Suburban Neighbor: The Deer

Most homeowners in the north Houston suburbs have come to notice that they share thier lush landscape with this wonderful creature.  It is an amazing to see a deer in your yard or perhaps on your street, but with this comes the realization that your landscape could become thier next meal. If you know that you are located in an area where Rudolph and his buddies reside, below are a few options of plants that most likely will not turn into a snack.


Texas Sage, Esperanza, Japanese Boxwood, Japanese Yew, Nandina, Oleander,

Pineapple Guava,Viburnum,Yaupon Holly, Thryallis, Maiden Grass,

Purple Fountain Grass 

Perennial Plant Options:

Amaryllis, Angel Trumpet, Salvia Greggii, Bearded Iris,

Blue Plumbago, Dusty Miller, Elephant Ears, Hummingbird Bush,

Indigo Spires Salvia, Lantana, Rock Rose, Rosemary,
Philodendron, Wedelia, American Beautyberry, Society Garlic 


                              the largest                                            single flower is                                       the Rafflesia or                                         "corpse flower".                                          They are                                               generally 3 feet                                       in diameter with                                      the record being                                        42"!!!! It is also

the smelliest flower. It has the name "corpse flower" because it smells of rotting meat. This attracts the flies that help it pollinate.




                                      There is also the

                                    Amorphophallus                                      titanum which is                                      quite large. It has                                    an inflorescence 

                                    that can grow 10                                            feet high! 

                                         However, this                                       large structure                                        is not a single

                                        flower, but                                           rather hundreds                                     of small buds on a                                        single stalk.